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Yeshiva India

Yeshiva India is a Online Hebrew Learning school and community for faith based Individuals in Yeshua HaMashiach who worship the God of the Bible – the God of Israel.  We are an autonomous non-affiliated private organization based out of Pune in India. At the Yeshiva we conduct learning and discipleship training courses for congregations and individuals from all over the world. From a small beginning 5 years ago we have trained and taught believers of all ages to read, write and understand the Hebrew Scriptures of the Bible from end to end.


Our mode of teaching is primarily online via Zoom or an equivalent platform. We also visit on invitation congregations and conduct seminars and training modules customized for their congregational need.


Biblical Hebrew is an essential part of the growth story of every disciple of Yeshua – our effort is not only to rectify adult believers but also change a generation of young children to be rooted and grounded in the original word of God. We have to make them understand the fundamentals of the faith from a small and tender age, learn the Oneness of God and true Discipleship – the essence of what it means to be like Yeshua and walk in His ways.

Hebrew Writings

Weekly Shiur

Weekly Shiur

Join with us for a FREE session every Friday at 7 PM for 1.5 hrs. Contact us to get more details of this session.

Our Programs

These are some of our featured programs we offer.

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Biblical Hebrew Language Inroduction

Hebrew Writings

Biblical Hebrew Language

First Grader

Biblical Hebrew Language for Yeladim (Children)

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Daily Prayers

Prayer is a vital part of our lives and we gather for prayers and worship every day.

Daily Prayer and Worship

Everyday 06:45 AM

Special Festival Days

Fasting and prayers morning and evening

Every Saturday Prayer

Jewish Shacharit prayers as per Siddur and Jewish Liturgy


Our Yeshiva

We are conceptually grounded in Tikkun Ha Nefesh  תיקון הנפש (Rectification of the soul) and strive for righteousness as we learn from our Master and Rabbi Yeshua himself. The Yeshiva is online 6 days a week 7-10 pm daily except on Sundays, as people have their congregations to attend. The classes last from anywhere between 60 min to 90 min depending upon the course and its content. The mode is live video delivery of topics followed also by a written assignment given to each Talmidim (student). Each course varies with Pastoral to Evangelical topics with rectification as the foundation. All Content is built on the Old & New Testaments with additional sources of Oral and Written Torah from Mount Sinai as compiled by Chazal (Sages of Israel) from 3500 years ago.

Saying, Surely blessing I will bless thee, and multiplying I will multiply thee
Hebrews 6:14 (KJV)

Our Vision

Our Role: We believe us who are grafted into the Israel of God (Gal 6:16) have a dual Role.
  1. To bring Yeshua back to the children of Israel

  2. Preach the gospel to the nations and rectify their souls and empower them to return back to the Eternal Father through Yeshua

Limud: Our vision is to teach, train and empower the faithful of God to bring themselves as a Korban Chai (Living Sacrifice) as Rav Shaul says in Romans 12:1 – Learning through the Hebrew Language and Scriptures.  Teaching them the Hebrew tongue because it is Lashon HaKodesh. Tikkun Ha Nefesh: we must without any hesitation embark on a path of RECTIFICATION OF SOULS and empower them to function in the Kingdom of God here on earth

Statement of Faith

ECHAD (אחד)

The Lord is ONE and His name is One, there is none to compare to His oneness, He is the Alef and the Tav (Beginning and the end). Before anything was created He existed. He is King – He was King and He will be King in the future as there is no other god beside Him.


It is the most precious of prayers in our Life and is the basis of Understanding God’s Oneness – as Yeshua said in Besorah of Markos 12:27-29 & Deuteronomy 6:26

ARVUT (ערבות)

We believe that the perfect Spiritual guarantee was an event 2000 years ago by the life and death of Yeshua on the cross (צלב ) It is by this spiritual guarantee that the gentiles have got the access to graft themselves into the covenant God made with Israel 3500 years ago at Sinai.


We believe that Yeshua will return on a day that of the Fathers choice according to His perfect will. His return will bring about the final rectification of all those who believe in Him. For the time we have and given to us now we have to learn, practise and rectify ourselves waiting for His return.

EMUNAH (אמונה)

We believe that the foundation of the Torah and the commandments is based on Faith. Without faith it is impossible to please God just as Avraham Avinu through faith believed on God and was called righteous. We need faith to keep the commandments and instructions of the eternal God.


Yeshua represents the Oneness he brings to His people Israel and those grafted into the covenant, any attempt to separate Yeshua from His jewish roots is deliberate and anti-semitic


Tanakh (OT) is God’s eternal word given to the children of Israel as a holy nation of Priests of the Most High through which he would bring in the rectification of the world.  This rectification is the perfect will of the Father that was made possible as written in the New Testament accomplished by Yeshua the Messiah. Through the life , death and resurrection of Yeshua we understand the perfect will of God the Father.


We believe that we are instructed to Live in Spiritual friendship with each other thus fulfilling the Lifestyle Yeshua showed in John 15:15


Resurrection of the dead : We believe in Tekiyat Ha Metim - the eventual resurrection of the body, which will be reunited with the soul at a later time on a "great and awesome day of the Lord." The human form of the righteous men of all ages, buried and long since decomposed, will be resurrected according to God's will.


We believe that Yeshua HaNotzri was the suffering messiah that the children of Israel merited according to their deeds as was prophesied by the prophets of the Bible of in the Old Testament. Yeshua offered his soul as a ransom for many in Arvut as the hope in which we both stand Jew and Gentile one in Him.

Let Numbers Talk


Leadership & Team

Moreh Mark Young

Rosh Yeshiva

Founder of Yeshiva India


King Mwal, Kenya.

My name is Eliyahu KingMwal from Kenya. I have for some time been fascinated by Biblical Hebrew and matters of the Kingdom of Adonai to the extent that I legally changed my name from Elijah Mwaluko to Eliyahu KingMwal.

From the start of 2021, I made numerous attempts to learn the divine language but didn’t seem to make any significant headway. I tried a number of apps including Duolingo which I still use to date. I went to YouTube and watched many videos. I joined WhatsApp and Facebook groups on Hebrew. While I made some progress in learning street Hebrew, reading and understanding Biblical Hebrew was different ball game altogether.

In the middle of my divine quest, I stumbled on Yeshiva Hebrew sometimes in June 2021. I applied for the class upon duly filling an application form and was admitted to a class of 25.

In Yeshiva, I was treated to some of the most dedicated teachers I have ever met. They made sure we submitted our assignments on time. Led by Morah Pari, the teachers (morim) selflessly taught us Hebrew Consonants and Vowels with a rare thoroughness and simplicity. As a man obsessed with numbers, learning the numerical and symbolic significance of Aleph Bet was an heavenly experience.

Within two months, I could read a Bible chapter in Hebrew while comprehending a few words here and there. That was a very big milestone for me. The course helped me a lot especially on grasping vowels in a very memorable and interesting manner.

Thank you Yeshiva for playing a critical role in this life long journey. May Adonai our Elohim bless and reward you greatly in the Hashem of Yeshua HaMashiach.

Morgan James, NY

I started learning Biblical Hebrew under the guidance of Yeshiva India about a year ago. I had a desire to learn because it was biblical.  I started off with -0 knowledge of the Biblical Hebrew Language.Classes were conducted via zoom on a once a week basis.

We started learning the basic Hebrew letter in reading, recognition and writing. At first it was quite challenging as writing format was from right to left of page and letter formation was tricky. Soon, under the dedicated guidance of Morah Pari and Moreh Mark of Yeshiva India, I was able to read and write verses from the Hebrew Bible.

Assignments were given, verse based, meaning one verse at a time to write by deciphering and decoding the letters by sound.

Then reading classes were conducted during the weekly sessions to assist learners to read fluently.

A simple guide was given to understand the words read and the context of their meaning. On the whole it took under 3 months to reach this level. Enrichment and enhancement classes were also given to help students grow further in grammar and vocabulary skills.

It was an unforgettable, valuable, pleasant and enjoyable journey as students in turn became teachers to the new batches.  This helped build more confidence in learning and teaching. Indeed there was always ongoing growth in learning Biblical Hebrew with Yeshiva India. Thank you Yeshiva India.

Michelle, South Africa.

My experience to date has been amazing.  I have been wanting to learn Hebrew language for a while but I was not sure that I would manage learning the Hebrew language.  Moreh has made it  easy to learn and understand. She has been patient and kind. She puts her whole heart in to teaching the Hebrew language and gives up her personal time to help you.  I am highly thankful to you for providing me with this opportunity to be a part of it.

Grandma Rosie, Canada.

I lived in Calgary,  Alberta, Canada   
Learning Biblical Hebrew was my goal.
HASHEM Led me to YESHIVA INDIA on social media.
I signed up for the free study, even though I didn’t know whether I can succeed.
Weekly lessons were conducted through ZOOM, AND Correspondence via WHATSAPP.
At 72 years old I  find the Biblical Hebrew course a challenge , but stimulating.
I totally enjoyed the assignments.
The teachers were dedicated to seeing the students succeed and were very dedicated to their work.
Thank you,  Yeshiva India for your great ministry. 
I can now read and pray the ancient tongue.

Bi fung, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Yeshiva India is very good Courses for everyone who want to learn and read Hebrew especially Biblical Hebrew. The mentor will teach us intensively.

Great course. I learned a lot about the process of writing and reading Hebrew.

I tried many times to start studying Hebrew by myself, but then I always stopped after a while, meeting some difficulties. With Yeshiva India i can understand quickly and now they seem to me much clear, understandable and meaningful.

So I want to say that the course fully reached and fulfilled my personal aims, of course at this first stage.

Toda raba, from Romania - Europe.

Thank you for the great opportunity that you give me to learn from you, you are the BEST TEACHER EVER.

I enjoyed that the training is very well structured, you have very good examples, all course is interactive. More than that, you gave us homework and you took time to explain us what we did good or bad.

I don’t hide from you that after your training I made a very expensive training from Israel at I was very disappointed in all aspects from this experience. I can say 2000% that what I learned from you is what I know at the moment, and they was amazed that I know to read well. All because of you, I know what I learned from you.

Therefore I continue the training with you in the future, and also I highly recommend to other that they don’t repeat my mistake to pay a very expensive price for others, because here at Yeshiva India you can learn in an intensive, and in a good and proper way.

Honestly speaking, in my mind I still hear you when you correct every person, because at

Yeshiva India are very beautiful people fully dedicated to learn others Hebrew and also Torah.

You are and you will be the best.

Subscribe to our FREE Programs

We have many open and free sessions on the Hebrew language and thoughts and all based on the scripture. We are currently doing a series on Tehillim (Psalms) for the general believers.

Do subscribe to this program and to be up to date with our sessions.

  1. Friday Shiur : This is an Open Bible study at 7 pm every Friday, we study the Parashat of the Torah with the prophets and the New testament

  2. Psalms : Tehillim series from time to time 3 months at a time

  3. Morning prayers : Each day with praise and worship at 06:45 Monday to Friday and on Saturdays we have Sabbath Prayers from the Jewish prayer Book (Siddur)

  4. During feasts of the Lord: special teaching of importance on these feast days each year

  5. Seminars : We have regular seminars and programmes in certain cities in India form time to time – register to keep yourself updated and to attend.


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