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Admission Eligibility

  1. Born again, Spirit filled walk with Christ is necessary

  2. Active member of a congregation or church is necessary

  3. Love for the Jewish people and Israel is necessary

  4. Adults: Minimum 21 years old and children: 9 years old

  5. Access to good internet connection and mobile phone

By the Western Wall

Rules and Requirements

  1. Drop outs will be considered as a no-show. In this case, a refund will not be considered.

  2. Please be punctual and attend the sessions on time with appropriate stationary

  3. Always carry your Bible (Old and New Testament) in a PRINT FORM and NOT digital

  4. Please be mutually respectful to other talmidim and respect their learning pace and be a cheerful assistance to them if needed

  5. Keep a prayerful life and walk modestly in CHASIDUT (way of Kindness)

Document with Pen

Academic Calendar

The academic calendar typically starts after the Festival of Sukkoth (Sept - Oct) of each year and the course run accordingly. Please note during the major festivals the Yeshiva will shut down for a yearly break.

Calendar Pages

Our Programs and Fees Structure

We Teach With - Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The programs are designed to ensure that the students from different age criteria are also able to learn Hebrew language for their spiritual edification and their ministry too.

Admission Form

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